DZUG holds the mobilization meeting of comprehensive budget in 2020

On the afternoon of November 8th, 2019, DZUG held the 2020 annual comprehensive budget mobilization meeting in the peony Hall of Dazhong Building. Yang Guoping, Chairman of the group, Liang Jiawei, President of the group, leaders in charge of the group, heads of all departments, heads of the group's subordinate companies and financial directors attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liang Jiawei, President of the group.

Hu Jun, manager of the group's planning and finance department, explains the requirements of the group's budget preparation in 2020, Jiang Jun, Deputy financial director, introduces the group's economic activity analysis from January to September 2019, and Li Weitao, Yang Weibiao and Zhuang Jianhao, leaders in charge of the industry sector of the group, respectively made speeches on the operation and budget of the finance sector, the environmental sector and the gas sector.

Liang Jiawei, President of the group, interpreted the important business indicators from the first to the third quarter of 2019, and arranged the key work promotion and comprehensive budget work in 2020.

Yang Guoping, Chairman of the group, made an important speech on "building a high-quality enterprise endowed by science and technology". He elaborated on the current situation of operation, group strategy, industrial development and headquarters positioning, and analyzed in detail the market environment, development status, development strategy and focus of work faced by the enterprise.

Chairman Yang Guoping stressed that we should continue to develop steadily, adhere to the development strategy with the Changjiang River Delta as the core and driven by the dual engines of public utilities and financial venture capital, and build the headquarters into the group's strategic center, data center, business support center and compliance center, and encourage everyone to concentrate and work with more enthusiasm, good spirit and high morale, to make sufficient preparations for the smooth development of all work in 2020.